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What is R. Cosei?

R. Cosei is the natural yeast enzymes oral rinse liquid.

R. Cosei was quickly exterminate the harmful bacteria in the throat, tongue, gums, teeth and defense oral bactecial invasion, pervent tooth decay and peroidontal disease, eliminate odors, restore oral health environment and teeth whitening effect.

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Why we need R. Cosei?

Because ordinary toothbrush after being used for three weeks, usually hidden in
the amount of bacteria on the bristles invisible up to 730,000 particles.

To defend the mouth clean, brushing alone and use mouthwash ordinary  in NOT enough.
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Main Ingredient

The main ingredient of R. Cosei is extracted form a variety of tea catechins.

Catechins contains a lot of natural fluoride, can scavange free radicals and slow down the gums aging. Promote strong resistance of acid to prevent tooth decay, dental plaque and peroidontal disease. Antimicrobial and odor removal caused by smoking or diet.

Additional ingredient of R. Cosei
Mulberry leaf
Sugar cane

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Unique Features

R. Cosei Unique Features
Natural herbal formula
Natural fermentation technology
No chemical ingredients
sgs screening tests

Recommed the use of people
Smokers / Drinkers
Patients of oral disease
After tooth extraction or orthodontic person / people wearing dentures
Persons addicted to tea or coffee
Children / elderly people / maternity
Diabetes patients


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