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Belina Cosmetics Sdn Bhd (162997A) (AJL93329)
b2 pro moisturizeroil Mill Valley Moisture Balance Oily


To prepare the skin for make-up application and to provide adequate daytime moisturizing care.


Provides combination and/or oily skin with needed moisture without increasing the oiliness.

A non-oily base for your foundation which helps to prevent shine and to control oil break-through. Make-up looks better and lasts longer.
b2 skincare face


98% oil free formulation. Gel base formula and anti-shine features. Non-oily, lightly flowing Moisture Balance blends quickly and easily over the skin.
b2 skincare face



Blend with fingertips, using a gentle upward movement and apply over the entire face. Then, apply foundation.

Skin Types

For normal, combination and oily skin
b2 skincare face