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Belina Cosmetics Sdn Bhd (162997A) (AJL93329)
b2 pro cleansinglotion Mill Valley Cleansing Lotion


Removes make-up quickly and completely. Cleansing of daily accumulation of shedding skin cells and grime from the environment.


Helps to maintain good skin conditions. Helps to sooth and to condition the skin.
b2 skincare face


Quick to apply, spreads easily over the skin. Cleanses gently but thoroughly while removing daily make-up and dead skin cells. A light, smooth-flowing lotion cleanser which is water soluble and contains Aloe Vera natural plant extract. 
b2 skincare face



Apply evenly over the entire face using fingertips and massage with an upward movement. When make-up is dissolved completely, rinse away gently with a soft cloth either with warm or cool water. Repeat to ensure thorough cleansing.

Skin Types

For normal to dry skin
b2 skincare face