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b2 pro lighteningsoap The Egyptian Beauty Lightening Soap


The Lightening Soap with SPF 15 Sun-Blocker helps to protect the skin against ultraviolet rays. The Lightening Soap contains ingredients such as Bearberry essence, Grapefruit essence, Mushroom essence, Rice essence, Goat's milk, Honey Lemon and Herbal Leaf which will aid in gradual whitening of the skin. Besides that, The Lightening Soap contains NO hydroquinone or any other harmful chemicals.

b2 nzsoap bath


Inhibition of tyrosine helps to stop the process of skin from getting darker. Meanwhile, it helps to stop the production of melanin, which causes the pigmentation of the skin. The base ingredient which is the goat’s milk contains alpha-hydroxyl acids (AHAs) that helps to  inhibit melanin production as well as to act as a mild exfoliant to remove dead cells on skin.

Furthermore, sun blocking ingredients which are present in the soap have a high refractive index which has strong UV light absorbing capabilities and resistance to discoloration under ultraviolet light.

b2 nzsoap bath



·  Foam the soap

· Gently massage onto skin in circular movements over face and neck

· Rinse thoroughly with water

·  Follow with toner and moisturizer

Skin Types

All types of skin

b2 nzsoap bath