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b2 pro flowerfairies Belina Flower Fairies Beauty Soap


Flower Fairies Beauty Soap is an ideal soap that helps to soothe serious acne prone skin or very oily skin.

b2 nzsoap bath


Helps to soothe serious acne problem and reduce oily skin problems. Also helps to relieve eczema and dermatitis. This product is recommended to be used together with the Belina Beauty Soap Irgasan as a treatment.

b2 nzsoap bath



·   Foam the soap

·  Gently massage onto skin in circular movements over face and neck

·  Rinse thoroughly with water

·  Follow with Belina Beauty Soap Irgasan with the same directions and rinse off

·  Apply toner and moisturizer

Skin Types

For serious acne skin and severe oily skin

b2 nzsoap bath