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Belina Cosmetics Sdn Bhd (162997A) (AJL93329)
b2 pro englishrose Belina English Rose Beauty Soap


Belina English Rose Beauty Soap contains Selenium from goat’s milk that plays an important role to help in preventing skin cancer and skin damage from excessive exposure to the sunlight. It effectively helps to lighten the skin and to restore original skin tone.
b2 nzsoap bath


A fine fragrant soap that is rich in skin nutrients and goat’s milk. It helps to restore the original skin tone and to prevent uneven skin tone caused by prolonged exposure to the sunlight.
b2 nzsoap bath



·    Foam the soap

·  Gently massage onto skin in circular movements over face and neck

·  Rinse thoroughly with water

·  Follow with toner and moisturizer

Skin Types

For normal to oily skin
b2 nzsoap bath