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b2 pro nzsoap The Org NZ Goat's Milk Beauty Soap


The Org NZ Goat’s Milk Beauty Soap contains capric and caprillic acids which will naturally help to balance the alkalinity of the skin. Furthermore, it helps to maintain the moisture of the skin and to lighten up the skin tone.

b2 nzsoap bath


A fine fragrant soap that is rich in skin nutrients and is made from the finest quality ingredients which contain goat’s milk, goat’s milk powder, lanoline and perfume. The Org NZ Goat’s Milk Beauty Soap is an excellent soap that helps to lighten up the skin tone and to remove pigmentation.

b2 nzsoap bath


·  Foam the soap

·   Gently massage onto skin in circular movements over face and neck

·  Rinse thoroughly with water

·  Follow with toner and moisturizer

Skin Type

For dry and mature skin

b2 nzsoap bath